Table of Contents

The King - Unreal Engine

Case study for a unreal Engine Character with Dynamics and Mocap Animations.

Rig is going to be created using my customs tools: Mutant Tools

Model Prep

Got the model from ArtStation:
it was a Zrbush Project so I exported it and set it up in Maya to start the fun part! 

Rigging The Asset

Rig Prep using Zombinator

With Mutant Tools we can use zombinator to rig biped characters. Will give us a good starting point to only focus on the deformations and make it look amazing in the long run. Zombinator is a tool that helps us automate workflows with the same topology geometry, we just need to export the base mesh and on Faceform Wrap copy our desired topology before starting.

For more info about zombinator, you can visit:

Guides Placements

With help of Zombinator-Skeletor, we can make the guide’s placement job super easy. Both Body and Face Guides will work, i won’t lie and say that is perfect but is 90% good! We can save as many base meshes in the tool so if a client uses X or Y or Z we can choose from all of them, in this case is Wraps Basemesh.


Building the Rig

Just hit Build and paint the skins… Nothing much to see here. 


Skinning is boring to watch so i wont show much but mostly we i did it using Ng Skin Tools

Anim Tests

For testing the skinning we need to animate, but since i dont really have the animation skills i tento to use  pre-animated files or mocaps with HIK. 

HIK Mocap

For test Mocaps i tent to visist Mixamo or Rokoko Motion Library inside Maya.

Import to Unreal Engine

Bake and Import

Export asset, and bake a couple of animations so we can test the rig system on the engine.