RdM Tools V2

Rigging tools for everybody!!

RdM Tools V2 | FlippedNormals

RdM Tools Version 2 is here! It’s easy to rig with this Maya tools! Believe me, ITS EASY!!! Install Auto Rig Rigging Controllers Skinning It’s easy and fun! Do you want a trial? Are you a student?


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RdM Tools V2 Trial | FlippedNormals

THIS IS A TRIAL VERSION FOR RDM TOOLS V2! FEEL FREE TO TRY IT 😀 This trial version has limitations and doesn’t include every tool available. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Best…

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Use the Picker!

RdM Tools V2 Picker | FlippedNormals

Controller picker for characters rigged with RdM Tools v2 auto-rig! Thanks for using Rdm Tools v2! :