Games CV

Welcome to the games CV part of my website! I know is not too much but the idea is that we can add to it as a team! Let’s create some games together! 


Stellar Creative Lab


Maya – Unreal Engine Cinematics with Cloth CFX.


Squeezy Sports


Currently in development, a game using MGear as the base system. 


Buddy Blitz

The Main Bubbly Character rig, Fully Squash, and Stretch  Rigs were created using Mutant Tools. 

Link to game

Neon Ghost

Simple IK Rigs for Robot enemies.  Rigs created 100% custom with no external tools. 

Link to game


Estudio Shout

GoBIG! Godzilla vs Kong

Warbat and Hellhawk Creature game engine rigs. 


Estudio Shout

Men in black: Arcade Videogame

Rigs with complex setups like Stretchy on Custom paths, Wavy limbs, multiple pivots, and A lot of Moving body parts. 

Estudio Shout

Men in black: Arcade Videogame

Creatures Rigs were created manually and Humanoid Rigs were created with Advance Skeleton


WoW Emotions


Genie AR Unity Experience. 


Coca Cola

3D Asset rig with Mocap for Instagram Spark Studio. 

Develpment Tools


Modular Rigging System

With Mutant Tools you can create modular rigs for games and crowds systems in Maya. This tool is actively in development. 

RdM Tools

Rigging Tools.

RdM Tools V2 are Rigging Helpers for creating base modules and Misc tools for rigging faster, this one is older and can only be used with 2019 or older. 



Animum Creativity Advanced School Advance Rigging

Advance Rigging

Mentors: Iker de los Mozos (Disney), Juan Carlos Lara(Fonsagrada), Ramiro Tell(It’s Aliveee) and  Xenxo Álvarez(People Moving Pixels)

Focusing on All Rigging Techniques from Films to Games. 

Universidad Veritas

Licenciatura en Animacion Digital

B.A. as 3D Generalist

Alexander Richter

Alexander Richter

Python Advanced

Python Advanced Masterclass teaches Technical Directors how to work on pipeline applications for their projects and empowers them to use Python in Visual Effects, Animation, and Games.