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Rigging Reel 2019

Rigging Reel 2019 

Let’s rig a skirt!

  Rigging a skirt is easy as any other part of the body!!!

How to create a toon eye rig in maya!

If you ever needed to create a toon rig in maya based in a 2d animation, and you want to have complete control over it, you are in the right… Read more

Some scripts for you!

If you are following some of my tutorials you may need to download the scripts! If you are not following the tutorials you may also want them! They are cool!!!!!

Save poses in your Controllers

RdM PoseToAttr v1.0.0 Convert a pose into a Attribute with this script.

Elton Rig

  Elton is a fat but funny character we decided to create for you!