30 Min Challenge

Sometimes I want to work and be productive but not every day you get the time or energy to do so. By creating this page I want to be transparent and show mistakes, and wrong stuff but make it part of the process. Today I wanted to record something But had only 30 min so I thought! What if I see how far can i get in that time frame, just 30 min?

So, Welcome to 30 min Challenges! The place where we find out what we can do in just 1800 seconds.

6 - January - 2023

Facing the Challenge

What Was Hard?:

I didn’t check the geometry of the geo I was using, that geometry was pretty hard to skin on the lower part! The computer was getting stuck in some parts I didn’t anticipate which cost me some minutes. Mixamo exports some animations as zip and others as FBX. Forget to pose T for Mocap. Forget to use the game engine template so I wasn’t ready to import to Unreal but didn’t even matter since time was out. And probably several other mistakes I made but those are the ones I remember more clearly.  

What Was Successful?

Zombinator Tools works great, really good base skinning pass, and guide placements were good too.  I remember having a lot of issues on the legs so I reset placement before trying just to be sure. The Mocap Workflow was smooth. 


30 Min is little time but was a great challenge. I may need to have more skinning tools in my backpack of magic. Overall feel happy with the result and will be doing more of these after developing more tools to help me achieve the fastest quality. 

Plans and Improvements

Will create more skinning tools. Will check models before rigging them, even if is for personal use. Need to add more copy, paste skinning tools to either my hotkeys or my UIs.