Improve parts // RdM Tools V2

Improve rigging parts using Rdm tools v2

Step 00: Install Comet scripts


Install Comet: Drop all files in maya/version/scripts, reopen maya and run this comand in mel:

source “cometMenu”

Step 01: Save your Weights

We will be using cometScripts > JointsHerarchy > SaveWeights


First we need to select al the geometry and click on ‘<<<‘ skin cluster to set our skin cluster to save, Select the folder were you want to save the file and select all the vertex you want to include in the file. Click save (SELECT ALL THE VERTEX if you dont select them you wont save anything!)

Do this step for all the geometry you want to save before rebuilding the rig! And please save a diferent file… have versions, its healthy!  🙂

Step 02: unbind current rig

Just select all the geometry and click bind > unbind skin

Warning: All node inside the part_GRP will be deleted, please remove any custom node you added before continue

Step 03: Rebuild the rig

Click any of these improve options and you will be redirected to the fisrt step with LOCATORS (i will be improving the arms for this example)

As you see (Yellow) the palms was unparent so we dont loose that information and now we have the same locators as the begining.

just a reminder (in green) that in the arms and leg you should have a planar system for the IK to work perfect, use ik plane ref tool in rigging tools for that

And now just redo the previews steps (in red), joints, select method and click create Arms

Now we have the arms and the  outliner clean and we are ready to connect them again

Put the Character name again in the text edit and click the conenct part.

Thats it! Now we have our new Arm created! (The connect button does extra stuf that its actually really important so use it!)

Step 04: Load the weights

this part may be triky so pay attention!

First we need to click the ‘…’ in file name so we can load the weights! click yes overwrite so we can have acces to the file (just DONT click save again)

Now we click on select joints from file so we can do the new bind skin with them. 

Just click bind skin with the joints and the mesh selected so we can have a new skin cluster to load the weights

Just click the <<< to load the skin cluster, select the vertex you want to load (you can load partially the weights if needed) and click laod weights. Thats it! Loading may take a while depending on the resolution. If you want to see the procces open the script editor and watch al the loading… its so much fun!

Something is not working?

Just make sure our inputs looks like in the original file (i told you to save them) and thats it! Any other errors? let me know i will gladly help you!