Let’s rig a skirt!


Rigging a skirt is easy as any other part of the body!!!

I will try to do this tutorial as simple/short as possible! So lets start! First we need a rigged character and a Skirt! This Character was rigged with RdM Tools, you can find the scripts in here.


Step 01: Download RdMSkirt, if you need assistance executing it, visit this site!

Run the script and you will see the joints setup made for you! (It’s just a circle curve that control joints groups via motion paths!)

Step 2: Position the curve system!

Once we have created that system just move Skirt_CV to the lower part of the skirt! Just the curve, don’t move any joint! You can use component mode to do it faster!




Step 3: Skin the skirt geo to the new skirt joints and the spine joints!

i will bind the skirt to the new skirt joints and the reverse spine joint i had from the RdM Auto Rig.

In my case im using this bind skin settings:

Step 4: Make the legs control the skirt system!

Now the legs will control the movement of the system! Just bind the ‘Skirt_CV’ to the ‘L_Leg_JJ’ and ‘R_Leg_JJ’ Joints if you are using RdMTools, if not just grab the upper leg joints

Step 5: Fix the skin weights and you are done! (add ncloth to the rig if you know how for better results!)

Mixamo animation test
Skirt with quick ncloth for demostration