FK chains used to be boring to rig!

I’m sure you have had the task to rig something with a simple FK controllers and you wasted more time complaining about it than actually rigging it!


If you go to the scripts for you page in my blog you can find the Simple FK!! Lets download it and follow my steps to create a really easy fk chain!

Some scripts for you!

Step 1: Create a Joint Chain

Step 2: Select the joints in the order you want

Step 3: Enjoy the FK System!

Lets go deeper!

♦ Add Parent insted of Orient Constraint

Some day this script will have a a nice UI with more options but for now i will explain how to change some settings in the code itself!

Currently the script only do Orient constraints but if you need a parent constraint instead you can change line 34:

    Original: parent02=cmds.orientConstraint (circulo, Joint)
    Change  : parent02=cmds.parentConstraint (circulo, Joint)

♦ Change Controller Normal

Depending of the joint position and orientation the controllers may need a diferent normal direction, with line 26 we can do it!

    circulo ='_CC',nr = (1,0,0))

Just change the nr = (int,int,int) to your desire position, it can be any of these:

    circulo ='_CC',nr = (1,0,0))
    circulo ='_CC',nr = (0,1,0))
    circulo ='_CC',nr = (0,0,1))

Hope you found it usefull and please let me know if you need any help!