Save poses in your Controllers

RdM PoseToAttr v1.0.0

Pose to Attr is one of the firsts scripts i’ve created for my big project, a project i can not share yet! My Auto Rig (Available in february 2019)

This is a really simple and nice script that allow you to create a custom attribute in the channel box to store a pose you want to use more, i mostly use it to close and open the fingers because is boring to do it over and over again as a animator.

Here you can find the original artstation post i created before start using this blog:

The script is really simple to use. Watch this video and you should be able to understand it, but if not, ill explain it down here with text!


We need to start from the beginning!


Easy! I just made it more easy for you! Just click Here  and download the script!

Then lets copy it into your scripts folder: documents/maya/version/scripts/




Lets import it! There are two ways of importing the script, Number one copying this line of text in the script editor (window>generalEditors>ScriptEditor):

import RdMPoseToAttr
reload (RdMPoseToAttr)


The second one is to open it and execute it, for that we need to go to the script editor and click in the upper left corner the menu file, then open the script! Once the script is open we need to run it by clicking in the Play buttons


Once the script is working a window like this should be on the maya viewport

Now… How does the script works?

Driver name: Where do i want my new attribute to be store?

New Attr Name: Whats the pose called?

Select the controllers to save and click pose to Attr!

After we click the button the script is generating first a Group over the controllers with the position of the controllers so we dont touch the controller the animator will be touching. One the pose is store in the new group the script generate the new Attr in the Driven Controller in order to create a set driven key between the new group and the new Attr.


Lets make a quick example!

In this model i have already created the fingers closing so that’s why i have in my Channel box the attr! We are going to create a wide open for out hand rig!


Step 01: Create the pose you want


Step 01: Put the driven name, pose name and select the controllers of the pose!

if you see the outliner you can see that we have a group called *finger*_Closed, that’s because i had run the script before on this rig! In the next step you can notice that we are going to have tat group plus the new one!



We now have the new pose store in the controller as an attribute! The pose runs from 0 to 20 so it can have a smooth transition!