Render de Martes

QT Stylesheet Ref

QT reference for playing with stylesheets:

Inspire Renamer

Hi there!   I just made this renamer! its ultra-simple but it has inspirational phrases for your day to day motivation at work! Hope you like it! It’s FREE!  

The Healthy Self

The Healthy Self The Healthy Self is a stress solution for Digital Animators working in Autodesk Maya! This tool has useful information, exercises and images about how to improve Healthy… Read more

Twist joints script!

Add joints in-between for twisting the arms, legs or whatever you want!

Connect parts with a curve Script

Download the script

Rigging Reel 2019

Rigging Reel 2019 

Let’s rig a skirt!

  Rigging a skirt is easy as any other part of the body!!!

FK chains used to be boring to rig!

I’m sure you have had the task to rig something with a simple FK controllers and you wasted more time complaining about it than actually rigging it!